Compliance for adherence of conduct, laws and guidelines - and this is what we advocate.

Risk mitigation, efficiency and effectiveness are the primary goals of Compliance for us and our clients.

Establishing specific processes is required for executing company activities to compliance standards. It involves metaprocesses which relate to the support and risk-based control of primary business processes. Essentially, compliance processes include risk analysis, variance analysis, dealing with exceptional situations and processes of escalation. In so doing, we support our clients in all aspects of their business by employing all possible strategies.

Comparable to ISO 9001: Quality Management System and modeled on TR CMS 101, the compliance management system contains statements about the defining of responsibilities, the provision of resources, conducting audits and the need for continuous improvement. With regards to a holistic point of view, the standard takes into account the "organizational culture" and "communication" aspects of compliance - two leading pillars of our mission statement.

If you share the same perspective like our clients, that the quality of our work is very important, then we look forward to hearing from you. The management team awaits your call or e-mail.