Business consulting

In contrast to the balance sheet, which is usually created with only a few months delay, the economic evaluation, business statistics and comparative analyzes can provide figures on the current situation of the company. They are based on the current data of the accounting system and give our clients, during the current financial year, information on costs and revenue situation and therefore on the profitability of the operation.

In addition, instruments from controlling and budgeting instructions can give notices for action measures and future revenue and expenditure.

The FORNY Group can advise their clients in economic and business affairs. Thus, our mission can start in matters of finance and financial planning and extend over procurement, logistics and sales decision support.

In addition to wages and salaries and the current accounting, individual contracts or monthly lump-sum payments may also be the creation of cost calculations, cost estimates and cost calculations, for example, cost analyzes, profitability analyzes and liquidity analyzes or, if necessary, tasks in external financial control.

We also advise our clients on organizational matters, e.g. in operating and management practices or the organization of accounting.

If you are interested, then please get in contact with us - we are happy to run a free briefing discussion with you.