Controlling means for us: to exercise control function. For our clients, we take this planning, coordination and control tasks in order to provide them with the necessary tools and information. A distinction is made between operational and strategic controlling and the financial control.

At the operational controlling - based on the current fiscal year - it comes to control the efficiency, profitability and liquidity of our clients through budget management and corresponding detailed planning in order to use all potentials for the economic success.

At the strategic controlling it comes to setting up new potentials for the client constantly. In addition to warning functions, analyzes of each market are used.

Objectives of financial controlling are maintaining the solvency of clients and maximizing the value of equity claims. In addition to securing liquidity coordinating investment and financing decisions is another key area of responsibility. Among the most important control measures include budgeting and control systems. Our order volume can accordingly comprise the following tasks:

  • securing liquidity (conceptual design and coordination of financial planning and monitoring of the short-, medium- and long-term financial situation; ensure the availability of reliable information as the basis for financial planning and control)
  • assurance of rationality and coordination of investment and financing decisions (active financial planning, evaluation and development of appropriate evaluation methods for investment decisions, coordination (also decentralized) investment decisions, design of control systems and their implementation)

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